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A leading business specialising in house cleaning services, expertise staff and affordable prices. Why choose us? PRESTIGE CLEANING CREW: - COVID-19 SAFE business registered in NSW Government - Specialised in house cleaning services - Very affordable and realistic prices - Transparency in prices (know what you are paying for) - Expertise staff and professional cleaners - Organised booking process with less hustle and no cold calls - Get an immediate quote and invoice - Book today, pay later (deposit required) - Online easy payment - Exclusive Services (ironing, clothes folding, closet organising, shoe cabinet organising, house decor, customised house decor) - Wonderful deals: 5% off first booking, 15% off weekly, 10% off fortnightly, 5% off monthly - Give your feedback after having your house cleaned - Be treated like a Queen/King PRESTIGE WAS MADE FOR YOU!

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